Temple Christian International School (TCIS) created lasting memories for its students with an exciting excursion to Ada on the 24th of November, 2023. This well-planned trip delivered a perfect blend of education and fun, ensuring an unforgettable adventure for the participating students.

The itinerary was packed with enriching activities, offering unique opportunities for students to explore, learn, and have fun. The journey included visits to one of the beautiful scenery enjoyed by many Ghanaians and foreigners, the Ada Estuary. It’s a significant coastal feature where the Volta River meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Another path the excursion took was the journey to the “Salt factory”and “the Dangbesalt factory,” where the students were taken through the immersive process of salt creation. The process of the “Adango” salt was beautifully broken down and explained to give the students a more vivid understanding of the process and how practical it is.

It’s not all about textbooks and lectures for TCIS; the day was also filled with enjoyable activities. A planned photoshoot and various games were scheduled to entertain and engage the students, creating moments that will be cherished beyond the excursion. In conclusion, the TCIS excursion to Ada promised to be a day filled with discovery, joy, and camaraderie and it delivered exactly that. It is an initiative that exemplifies the school’s dedication to providing holistic education and creating memories that will last a lifetime.